Current Prices deer processing





$45 per animal


Cut/slice only

$45 per animal


Vacuum pack & label

$.70 per   lb


Ground   meat only 

$.65 per   lb


Ground   venison & pork

$2.31 per   lb


Ground   venison & pork seasoned

$2.42 per   lb

Burger Special (Deer, Pork, Bacon, BBQ sauce, Seasoning)

$3.44 per lb (best seller!)

Ground Venison and Brisket (Healthy choice)

4.04 per lb


Sausage pricing 



$2.46 lb Fresh

$3.46 lb Smoked



$4.04 lb Fresh

$5.04 lb Smoked


20 lb minimum on all sausage


Specialty Sausage

BBQ Sausage (Our BBQ sauce and seasoning)


Zydeco Sausage (Garlic, Bellpepper, Onion)

$3.28 (Best Seller!)

Syrup Sausage (Steens and Green onion)


Breakfast Sausage


Cajun Apple


Green Onion


Hot Cheese (Pepper jack Cheese and Jalapeno)




Cajun Sugar

$2.77 (Best Seller)

Number ONE product this season!

Cro Sticks (Best Seller) 10lb minimum $6.99 per lb

Add $1.00 per lb for smoked

Jerky $21.00 per lb dry weight